The islands in the Gulf of Naples: Capri, Ischia and Procida

Island in the gulf fo Naples: Ischia (Casamicciola) (© Portanapoli.com)

In the Gulf of Naples, there are three wonderful Islands, each of which has its own special appeal:
The exklusive and breathtaking Capri island, the green beauty Ischia with thermal parks and long beaches and the little island of Procida.


Who has not ever dreamed of a trip to the island of Capri? Its picturesque natural beauty and exclusive atmosphere make this island a destination of travelers from all over the world. Her bigger sister Ischia with exotic thermal gardens and miles of sandy beaches is a wellness paradise. But there is also an almost unknown island of fishermen in the Gulf of Naples: Procida attracts nature lovers and those seeking relaxation.

Capri: Breathtaking, elegant and exclusive

The island of Capri

Ischia: Beaches, green hills and thermal parks

Ischia – green island with long beaches nd thermal parks

Procida: Fisher Harbour and nature

Island of Procida

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Beautiful pictures of Capri, Ischia and Procida

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