Pulcinella, that’s me!

My name is Pulcinella and I am your travel companion on your trip through my hometown Naples. You are going to see me on many pages of Portanapoli and, hopefully, you won’t catch me just when I wolf down spaghetti with my bare hands…

Pulcinella (© Francesca Buommino)

Pulcinella (© Francesca Buommino)

Many Neapolitans say that I am a lovely, loud, and smart glutton. Others think I am the embodiment of the soul of the Neapolitan people…! 🙂 As you might have noticed already, I typically wear a black half mask with a long nose, a long white garment with a black leather belt, and harem pants. Oh, yes, – I always wear a high cap on my head, of course.

My spirited language is that of the signs and gestures, with which you can have a silent conversation in Naples. But because a Neapolitan rarely lacks the right words, my language is used more as a dramatic background of all conversations. My sign language with gestures doesn’t stop at the telephone receiver, though, even if the person at the other end of the line has no idea of my creative gestures.

Since the 18th century, I have been the symbolic figure of the comedy in Neapolitan folk theatre, which has been made famous by Eduardo Del Filippo during the last decades. In the Commedia dell’Arte I play the important role of the amicable buffoon. The actor, Totò, who was loved by Neapolitans, was considered my modern personification in Italian movies.

Now I have to go to Culinary Delights as fast as I can, because a big Neapolitan pizza is waiting for me.

Have fun on Portanapoli!