Sorrento Tips

This small town is wonderfully located over white steep cliffs and offers a fantastic view over the Bay of Naples. Sorrento lies on a Tufa terrace and is enclosed by impressive rocks of the limestone mountains. For 2000 years already visitors from all over the world have been attracted to Sorrento by breathtaking sunsets and fragrances of orange and lemon gardens.

The small fishing harbor of Marina Grande is especially beautiful in the low season, where one can sense the naturalness of Sorrento. 
Several Hotels are situated right next to the shore and the gastronomy is delicious. One tip is the small Ristorante di Leva at the harbor with its pictures of Sophia Loren, who shot one of her films at this harbor. Although there are only a few dishes that are prepared by the owner herself, the Spaghetti Vongole makes a visit worth while. Another restaurant where one can dine superbly is the swimming restaurant "Zi'Ntonio mare".

Sorrent - Fischerhafen Marina Grande

Fishing harbor of Marina Grande (more photos)

Sorrento and the Amalfi coast are well known for its splendid big lemons. Typical products from Sorrento are produced with these "Limoni": Limoncello, a very tasty lemon liqueur, lemon chocolate, colorful ceramic articles with lemon motives or lemon soap. One should also try the over 70 different ice cream flavours of Gelateria Bougainvillea.  One is tempted to shop by the small street Via S. Cesareo, the heart of Sorrento. In addition to this there is the weekly market that takes place on Tuesdays, where one can buy real bargains.

Sorrento is also very popular due to its good location as starting point to all the important surrounding sights. The summit of the peninsula of Sorrento is only about 5 km away from Capri, which can be easily reached from the Harbor Marina Piccola. Also Ischia and Procida, of which the silhouettes can be seen on clear days, can be reached very quickly per speedboat. Sorrento is also the terminus of the Circumvesuviana, a small train with its start in Naples. One can reach Pompeii and Herkulaneum by this rail in about thirty minutes and Naples in circa one hour's time.

The good location of Sorrento unfortunately also led to heavy traffic load in the narrow streets of the town. Relaxation and silence can presently still be found in the gardens and private beaches of the hotels, the orange grove of the museum or the monastery garden. Sorrento is recommendable as a tourist destination or a starting point for sightseeing of every kind, however it is less recommendable for a pure swimming or recuperation holiday.

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