Culinary and cooking in Naples

The Neapolitan cuisine is very delicious and light. Mediterranean ingredients like tomatoes, fresh vegetables, fish and olive oil  are the protagonists. Pizza Napoletana , traditionally with Basilikum, Mozzarella and tomatoes or also as “Marinara” with Tmateoes, garlioc and Oregano is famous all over the world.

When you are in Naples, you should definitely try a Pizza in one of the traditional Pizzerias in the historic centre. But Naples is not only famous for its Pizza, it is one of the best cuisines in Italy and maybe in the world. Various Pasta dishes, Antipasti with fresh vegetables, traditional sweets like Sfogliatella and Pastiera, an uncomparable coffee and the aromatic lemon liqeur Limoncello will make your travel to Naples also an culinary event.

Pulcinella eating Spaghetti with hands (© Francesca Buommino)

Pulcinella eating Spaghetti with hands (© Francesca Buommino)

Cooking Neapolitan Recipes

Spaghetti e vongole

Culinary in Naples: Traditional menus

Christmas Menu
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Neapolitan Coffee

The Neapolitan Coffee (O’ caffè)
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