Highlight: Event “Pizza Village” in Naples

Every year during the the Festival “Pizza Village” the wonderful promenade in Naples is transformed into a party zone and all celebrate the Queen of the city: la pizza. Finally, she was born here and is a symbol of Naples.

Pizzafest 2013 - let's Party! (© Caputo Napoli Pizza Village)

Pizzafest 2013 – let’s Party! (© Caputo Napoli Pizza Village)

Pizza Village is one of the most famous event in Naples. It takes place every year  (in 2017 from 17.-25. june) along the famous and charming Caracciolo promenade in Naples.

In this stunningly beautiful location overlooking the island of Capri, Neapolitan Pizzaioli bake delicious pizza, framed by great events. Each evening there are music, theatre, cabaret, demonstrations, a dance floor, many surprises and naturally… Pizza napoletana! At the same time during the festival there is the world pizza maker championship.

The pizza is a symbol of Naples like Mount Vesuvius and the theatrical mask Pulcinella. Therefore this celebration was dedicated to her, launched in 2012 with the name pizza village.

Admission is free and cheap tickets for pizza menus can be purchased.

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