Colourful and exciting markets in Naples

At markets in Naples, you can shop inexpensively and in a typical ambiance. It is a colourful mixture of shoes, clothes, fresh vegetables, fish and household articles.

Mercato Antignano on Vomero hill (© Portanapoli.com)

Mercato Antignano on Vomero hill, Market in Naples (© Portanapoli.com)

The markets in Naples are definitely worth visiting!

Interesting and charming Markets in Naples for shopping


Mercato di Antignano on Vomero hill

Medium-sized and easy-to-reach market on the Vomero (district of Naples) which offers textiles, shoes, handbags, fish, household articles, second-hand clothes, and a roofed-over food market.
Opening hours: ca. 9:00 – ca. 14:00 daily, except monday
Address: Close to the Piazza degli Artisti
Approach: Take the Metro line 1 to Piazza Medaglie d’Oro and continue on foot (2 min.).

Mercato di Posillipo

The market is located at a parkway lined with stone pines, where you have a great view of the Gulf of Naples. Posillipo is one of Naples’s most elegant quarters. The market offers fashion, shoes, handbags, household articles, and second-hand clothes.
Opening hours: Open only on Thursday mornings
Address: Viale del Virgiliano in the quarter of Posillipo (Take the bus to the station Viale del Virgiliano)

Mercatino di Via Imbriani

Via Vittorio Imbriani (in the district of Chiaia)
Opening hours: Monday till saturday, daily 8:30 – 14:00. Trendy clothes. Parking nearby.

Mercato delle Pulci

Corso Malta, only on sundays
Here you can find a lot of interesting things, like furniture or antique books.

Mercato dell’antiquariato (Antiques)

Villa Comunale, Viale A. Dohrn
Every third weekend (Sa/So) of the month.
In the Park Villa Comunale on the promenade of Naples with panoramic sea view.