Via San Gregorio Armeno in Naples: street of the nativity scene makers

Napoli is famous for its crib tradition and it has even a road exclusively with crib shops: Via San Gregorio Armeno. If you want to see really all about the Neapolitan Crib, the “presepe”, you should definitely visit the street of the nativity scene makers, in Naples’s historic centre.

Via San Gregorio Armeno in Naples (© Portanapoli.com)

Via San Gregorio Armeno in Naples (© Portanapoli.com)

Via San Gregorio Armeno is one of the most amazing attractions in Naples. In the pedestrian road in the historic city of Naples, you can admire numerous shops with creative nativity scenes and figurines in all variations. Besides the Jesus- and Madonna figurines you will also find detailed copies of pizzerias, fruit markets, all household objects, gastronomic delights, exotic animals, and sometimes even caricatured politicians and football players.

Crib figures in Via San Gregorio Armeno (© Portanapoli.com)

Pulcinella and markets: Nativity figurines in Via San Gregorio Armeno (© Portanapoli.com)

Moreover you can get thousand of accessories and building material for your Neapolitan crib, like cork to create the mountains, ready-to-place houses, wells, waterfalls powered by electric engine, small lakes with water, trees, grasslands, bridges and towers. And all (or nearly all) handmade!  Of course you can buy even a full completed crib (“presepe”) with or without crib figures (price starting from 40/50 Euro).

During Christmas time in Naples, more than half a million tourists from all the world come to see the shops with the original miniature figurines and the the street is especially busy. However, the most shops are open all year round and you can take your time and have a look around after New Year’s. A good period to visit the street is in september-november, when all the handicraftsmen start to prepare their shop for the busy Christmas time.

…and if you want to discover more Neapolitan cribs,

in the National Museum of San Martino on Vomero hill you can see a famous collection of Neapolitan nativity scenes including the largest nativity scene, the Presepe Cuciniello, with 162 people, 80 animals, angels, and about 450 miniature objects, among the finest nativity scenes in the world.